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duration approx. 90 mins. incl. peel of or concentrate, rate € 90,-

Cleansing the skin, eye brow shaping, Vapour at the face and neck, special creams are applied to the face and neck. An additional face mask made of soft creamy material ("modellage") will be applied. During the procedure (20-30 minutes) the mask is warming up and the ingredients are transferred to your skin. Afterwards the modellage is removed and you get an application of moisturizer cream (make up optionally).

Face waxing, coloration of lashes or brows is not included

Facial lymphdrainage

duration 25 minutes , € 45,-

A special soothing relaxing facial massage to stimulate the lymph system - detoxification and removing excess water and waste products from the connective tissue. Recommended after surgeries when the lymph system might be defect, puffy eyes, herpes, neurodermitis and psoriasis.

peel of from € 24,- mask from € 16,-
ampoule from € 24,- face waxing € 10-20,-
coloration of lashes € 10-15,- shaping of brows € 15,-
coloration of brows € 10-15,-    

Body lymphdrainage - please see wellness

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