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Essential oils Aroma Therapy

duration approx. 60 mins., rate - 3 bandages € 40,-

Purifying, increasing perfusion, detoxicating, skin tightening. Aroma therapy with essential oils is one of the most efficient methods to tighten your girth measurements and give your  suffering skin a chance to recover. We also recommended it for Cellulite treatment.

Application of special essential aroma oils according to your needs. Saturated bandages will be wrapped around parts of your body - from the stomach to the knees. After the treatment  we apply special skin-tightening creams.

Lymphatic Drainage:

duration approx. 25 or 50 mins., rate € 45,-/78,-

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage which is intended to enhance the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. This special massage therapy is recommended after injuries, operations and pregnancy. Lymphatic drainage is purifying, relaxing, dehydrating, detoxicating and also helps to reduce Cellulite.

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